Connections Facilitators Instructions
January 2021

How to Zoom

How to use Text Anywhere

How to Poll

How to withhold number

Delivery over Zoom – Setting Up

Account Name: FME ZOOM 1

User Name:

Password: Connect1Zoom

Using Zoom

  • Screen Sharing – tick share computer audio otherwise participants won’t be able to hear the audio from the presentation.
  • PowerPoint Presenter view: On a Mac – click Advanced – Share portion of screen that shows the presentation – you resize the green box to cover the ‘slide’ portion of the screen
  • PowerPoint PC/Windows – Share p/point window (not desktop) – start slide show – when it starts and fills your screen right click mouse/trackpad – select show presenter view – use presenter view while participant
  • Admitting participants (with welcome, say hello using their name)
  • All participants have preregistered (although there is nothing stopping them sharing or substituting their link) so we need to check who is at the zoom session.
  • Ask participants to name themselves when joining the meeting (zoom will assign a no. or email address in this absence)
  • Assigning Host Presenter 1 / Co-host Presenter 2 (with sharing controls) – you can swap these roles at agreed points
  • Chat Function – open up chat window and monitor + message – Acknowledge contributions
  • Gallery Window – who has dropped off? – who has stopped camera?
  • Getting group pictures to document the session (on phone – forward to FME- then delete) screen shot them (Windows 10 – snipping tool – Forward to FME – Then delete )
  • Presenter 2 (chat and Support) Locate Green viewing / screen sharing bar – select View options – Select side by side mode.
  • In the view button above the video window select gallery view and adjust the vertical dividing lines to see the full set of videos so that the presentation video does not dominate
  • Open up the chat – this should open a window to the left of the video windows
  • Use mute to quiet participants who’ve accidently left themselves on
  • When participants go quiet -suggest they type in a response to a question or contribution you pose in the chat box – you can then ask individuals about their responses

ZOOM Virtual Backdrop

When delivering Connections Link Life please use the Fresh Minds Education background Image as a virtual background. We have provided the image, you may need a white/light background image for this to work correctly. You many also need to select ‘mirror my image’ for the text to be the correct way around. DOWNLAD THE IMAGE FILE HERE

Please find instructions of how to set a virtual background in Zoom HERE


Keeping your participants safe

If any participant does not show up at the training a facilitator must text to check that they are ok.

To do so, we have set up an online text service.

User Name:

Password: jh1jh2jh3jh4

  • You may type your own message or select ‘Connections Message’ from the ‘Select Template’ dropdown box.

  • Reply Options: Click ‘Reply to my email’ and enter your own email address (one that you have access to at the time). The preset is This is to receive the replies, so you don’t have to give the participants your own mobile number.

  • One-off Number – enter the mobile number you wish to send the message to on the right hand side (manual entry). If there are multiple numbers, separate these using a semi colon.

  • You will receive their responses as a reply and can follow up accordingly.

Using Zoom Polls (these will be created in bulk for every session and linked to the Fresh Minds Education Zoom accounts) to get instant feedback (Need ideas on types of feedback that is useful for FME and trainers during or after training)

Use a poll function in the evaluation section of the programme while on the Zoom call.  The function in on your tool bar at the bottom (or top when screen sharing) of your Zoom window.

This will also give you a chance to interact with your participants.