How to Zoom


In order to protect the confidentiality of all group members.
• Facilitate zoom connections link life courses in a room by yourself
• Do not take recordings/photographs during the zoom sessions without prior consent.
• To take a group picture please do not use your phone, use screenshot facility on your laptop;
Windows 10 open Snipping Tool select New drag curser over the screen and Save File
Mac: Hold Command/Shift/3 together – image will save to desktop
• After you have sent the relevant information to please remember to delete all participant data (polls, screenshot, registration information etc)

ZOOM Virtual Backdrop

When delivering Connections Link Life please use the Fresh Minds Education background Image as a virtual background. We have provided the image, you may need a white/light background image for this to work correctly. You many also need to select ‘mirror my image’ for the text to be the correct way around. DOWNLOAD THE IMAGE FILE HERE

Please find instructions of how to set a virtual background in Zoom HERE

Good Practice

Good Practice
• Ensure to enable co-host in advance of the meeting
• Admitting participants (screen facilitator welcome, say hello using their name) also chat facilitator welcome In the chat facility
• Ask participants to mute during the presentation to ensure clear delivery of the course but to unmute at any point that they have a question
• Mute to quieten participants who have accidently left themselves on
• Ask participants to name themselves on their screen grid when joining the meeting (zoom will assign a no. or email address in this absence)
• All participants have preregistered (although there is nothing stopping them sharing or substituting their link) so we need to check who is at the zoom session verbally.
• Chat Function – Acknowledge contributions throughout consistently
• Ask facilitative questions and encourage answers in the chat. Read out the responses.
• Turn the video off during the comfort break

Screen Sharing

• When screensharing, tick share computer audio otherwise participants won’t be able to hear the audio from the presentation.
• PowerPoint Presenter view: On a Mac – click Advanced – Share portion of screen that shows the presentation – you resize the green box to cover the ‘slide’ portion of the screen.
• PowerPoint PC/Windows – Share p/point window (not desktop) – start slide show – when it starts and fills your screen right click mouse/trackpad – select show presenter view – use presenter view while participant.